Girl Scout Troop 12129 earns Silver Award


Girls from Girl Scout Troop 12129 earned their Silver Award by painting a brand new mural at Wasserman Park this summer.


The girls decided on this project after deciding they wanted to do something for our town. The girls chose Wasserman Park because they use the park a lot for Girl Scouts, sports, and other activities, and they saw the old fish mural of the bathroom wall was peeling. They wanted to design a new mural with a new approach, since the fish mural was there when a pool was there and is no longer. They got approval from their project advisor Matt Casparius, who is the Director of the Merrimack Parks and Recreation Department. “We have had several buildings within the park, including the one that your project focused on, that had fallen into a state of disrepair over the years,” said Mr. Casparius.


The girls spent hours prepping the area around the building. They took down some branches and bushes around the building, raked leaves, cleared the steps to provide more area for people to walk, and pressure washed. Then, they went on to paint the whole building and finally the mural on the wall facing the road down to the playground. The mural shows many scenes of what the park is all about now, including a dog for the upcoming dog park that will be built this fall.


Matt added, “Your Silver Award project brought this building back to life with a clean and fresh look. The new mural provides a vibrant and colorful view to all Park Visitors as they enter into the Park.”


The girls all had specific roles in this project. Grace Musto designed the mural, Amber Bacon was in charge of making the final project presentation to Matt, Evelyn Morales was in charge of publicity, and Mikayla Ottman oversaw the whole thing as project manager.


The girls hope everyone will love the mural as they do. They would like to thank Nashua Wallpaper for donating paint and Matthew Casparius for being their Silver Award project advisor.

Girl Scout Troop 10916 Earns Bronze Award

Girl Scout Troop 10916 earns their Bronze Award by creating a video on how to use the Merrimack Transfer Station. Watch the video here.

Merrimack Girl Scouts Honored
Merrimack Girl Scouts were honored with the prestigious Girl Scout President's Award for their exceptional
work as a team in serving girls and volunteers in the Merrimack area during the 2014-2015 scout year. This is the second time in three years that Merrimack Girl Scouts received this honor.

Patricia Mellor, CEO of Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains Council, presented members of the Merrimack Girl Scouts community service team with the President's Award pin and certificate.

Megan Murphy's Gold Award Project (2015)

Inspired by her love of the arts, Girl Scout Megan Murphy made it her mission to ensure the next generation of students attending Wasserman Park's recreation programs would have a place to nurture their creativity by renovating and stocking the Arts & Crafts building.

In the many weeks leading up to the summer season, the 17-year-old painted walls, resurfaced floors, scrubbed counters, painted a colorful mural, and constructed new benches and tables, enlisting the help of classmates in Merrimack High School's National Art Honor Society and National Honor Society chapters.

Sarah Heimberg's Silver Award (2015)

Sarah worked with residents at Carlyle Place in Bedford to provide performances, music therapy, and iPods in a project called "Project Grace Notes: Music Therapy for Senior Citizens."

Sarah, an avid trumpet player and singer, spent over fifty hours performing for residents, researching Alzheimer’s disease, collecting iPods, and running a music therapy group.

Sarah House's Community Garden Gold Award Project (2014-2015)

Harvesting at the Merrimack Girl Scout community garden has begun! Girl Scout Sarah House (shown above) prepared the large, irrigated, organic garden last year at St. James Church as part of her Gold Award project. The vegetables were donated to three food pantries in town: 223 lbs of tomatoes, 363 lbs of cucumbers, 9 lbs of peppers and 20 lbs of green beans. This year Daisy Troop 10762 and Junior Troop 10375 helped Sarah plant and weed the garden.

Merrimack Girl Scouts Earns President's Award (2014)

We have been honored with the Girl Scout President’s Award! The award recognizes the exemplary efforts of our service team in Merrimack during the 2012-2013 year.  Patricia Mellor, CEO of the Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains (and Merrimack resident!), presented the award during our leaders meeting November 11, 2013. The President’s Award recognizes the efforts of a service-delivery team or committee whose exemplary service in support of delivering the Girl Scout Leadership Experience surpassed team goals and resulted in significant, measurable impact toward reaching the council’s overall goals. The Merrimack team includes Holly Morales (our team leader), Pat Murphy, Alicia Nelson, Laurie Brody, Katie Hanssen, Joan Lord, Justine Matte, Pat Merchant, Doreen Rolls, Beth Selby, and Christina Whitaker. 
Mikayla Ottman's Bronze Award (2013)
Mikayla Ottman from Troop 12129 completed her Bronze Award this month. She is pictured here with teacher Angi Perron (on left) and program director Sheila Demers. The project Mikayla chose was to make was sensory boxes for the Mastricola Early Education Program. The Merrimack Early Education Program (MEEP) is a developmental preschool program for three and four year olds where children with and without special needs have the opportunity to play and learn together. The sensory boxes will help the children in the program with imaginative play, early literacy skills and provide opportunities for tactile learning. Mikayla donated 5 boxes to the program: 1. Music Box: drums, shakers tambourine and many other items that make sounds, 2. Bean Box: various colored beans, measuring cups, tongs and ice cube trays for sorting and play, 3. Lacing Box: colored pasta and various strings and laces to assist with sorting, patterns and lacing, 4. Rainbow Box: colored pom poms with tongs and tubes for color sorting, color cards, colored stress balls, and other items to show various colors. Used for sorting and identifying colors, 5. Letters & Numbers Box: magnetic letters and numbers, alphabet cards, foam letters, word cards and magnetic tray to assist with early literacy. Mikayla would like to thank all the people that helped to make this project a success: her advisor Elizabeth Hoffman, and all her helpers, Beth Lewis, Andrea Hoffman, Jarrod Ottman and Michele Ottman.

Juniors from Troop 12770 Earn Bronze Award (2012)
Junior Girl Scouts from Troop 12770 show some of the 325 books they collected for 11th Street Head Start in Nashua. From left are Stephanie Matte, Sarah Heimberg, Ann Panagoulias of Head Start, and Julia Matte.
Junior Girl Scouts from Troop 12770 in Merrimack completed the requirements for their Bronze Award, and helped promote reading. The Scouts are shown with some of the books they collected for the 11th Street Head Start in Nashua. From left are Stephanie Matte, 11, Sarah Heimberg, 11, Ann Panagoulias of Head Start, and Julia Matte, 10. With their leaders, Justine Matte and Kate Grinnell, the girls worked with Panagoulias and Heidi Toursie of the 11th Street Head Start. The girls collected and donated 325 books to the school. They recorded six books on CD for the school’s listening center and donated a CD player. The girls also made bookmarks for the children. They also wrote, illustrated and laminated a large, easel book for the classroom called “Mr. Crabby’s Story,” which teaches about playing fairly. The girls completed more than 70 hours of work on this project; the Bronze Award requires 20 hours per girl.   – Photo and text by Susan Heimberg
Merrimack Cadette Troop 10704 Earns Silver Award (2012)

(l to r, top to bottom) Emily Hodgkins, Lian Reed, Sarah House and Megan Murphy painting the Daycare Center at Marguerite's Place in Nashua. Additional photos on Facebook.

Cadette Troop 10704 completed service work toward their Girl Scout Silver Award Project. They contributed more than 50 hours painting, sewing curtains, creating learning centers and other extras to help Marguerite's Place in Nashua.  Emily Hodgkins, Sarah House, Megan Murphy and Lian Reed lead different parts of the project in order to improve the environment for the toddler and preschool rooms at the Daycare Center. The Girl Scouts used their cookie sale profits from this year to fund their project that was very close to their hearts.  When asked why they wanted to help the kids at Marguerite's Place, the girls responded that they felt that they could make the largest impact with their talents by creating a safer and happier environment for the children to learn and play.